Alex Lelchuk. Intuitive Sculpture
Small original sculptures
for your
work desk
These small sculptures are designed for your work desktop, reception desk, negotiation table.

They will add a sense of nature and life to a strict office setting. The deliberately simple form is easy to perceive and gives some rest for the eye against the backdrop of complex, detailed documents, screens and working tools.

The rough surface recalls of life in nature outside the office and the city. If you reach out and touch it, your fingers will gratefully feel the lively texture of ceramics instead of smooth papers and gadgets.
This is a new concept of desk sculpture and I would like some real feedback on how much people need it.

Please imagine some of these figures at your own workplace, in your office, in a meeting room. Choose the one that best suits your space and mood.

Write to me about your choice, so I will understand what you are interested in, and I can continue to work in the right direction.

Even if nothing suits you, please choose which one you theoretically like the most.
All these sculptures remained in Russia. Now in Israel I want to continue working in the same direction, I am ready to make similar things here by your order.

Ready to send the sculptures anywhere in the world.
Please enter your email address and the name of the sculpture you like
A simple space turning brick
Brick with Holes
Holes add space and emptiness
Tower Brick
Centers the space and twists it upwards
Textured Brick
Finger traces emphasize motion
Brick City
Many textured objects
Raises the table surface
Bends the space
Gadget Brick
Phone or pad stand
Pencil Holder
Holds pens, pencils, etc.
Table Stonehendge
Or the "pi" letter; bends the space
Cube Eiffel
Complex screw twists the space
Dancing House
Some homes don't stand still
Eiffel Tower
The tower centers the space
Twists the space upward
Common form for a wave, a ship, a sale and the wind
Cup of Patience
Emotions in bowls
Cup of Sadness
Emotions in bowls
Cup of fear
Emotions in bowls
What's Inside
К философским размышлениям
Calm Hippo
Curious Hippo
Smiling Hippo
Greeting Hippo
Yawning Hippo
Speeds up
Time to rest
Please enter your email address and the name of the sculpture you like
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