Занятия по интуитивной скульптуре

An elephant and a pug

Elephants are afraid of mice, they say. And here, the elephant is for some reason afraid of a small dog.
Because this is another elephant from a Russian fable about an elephant who was lead around the city for show, and a little dog, Mosjka desperately barked and pounced on him. The elephant did not pay any attention to her, and her dog friend asked Mosjka why she barks if he still does not pay attention. Mos'ka replied: So the other dogs think that I am very strong to bark at an elephant.
And I made the elephant who is still afraid of Mosjka. So you can see that she is really strong!
Modelled by hand. 30x20x20 cm. Ceramics, acrylic varnish. $250

Моська-таки напугала слона. 
Авторская ручная работа. 30х20х20 см. Керамика, акриловый лак. 18 тыс.р.
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